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Dirty Fingers Pottery can be found skulking behind the elaborate architecture of William Byford House – the finest example of extraneous embellishment in Masterton, New Zealand - in the Historic Precinct of Victoria Street. My ceramic works speak plainly about their origins from both colonial New Zealand, Te Ao Maori and the natural world. If you look and listen a little closer, you may come to recognize the influence of my travels. I have worked as a potter and artist in places such as the Czech Republic and Provence France and work shows many of the influences absorbed in those places.

Most recently, the studio has become full of art inspired by my Wairarapa birthplace; its cultures, its landscapes, its threatened flora and fauna and its huge wider potential in the arts. Perhaps my most easily identifiable and iconic works are the ceramic eels with their almost frighteningly lifelike yet slightly surreal appearance. I have also created a range of other ceramic sculptures, including functional items which are often decorated with figures.

Come and browse through a wide range of items in my workshop. There are ceramic eels, sculptures, tiles and functional ware ranging from water jugs, vases, cups and bowls to bonsai planters (with locally sourced native trees).

Samuel Ludden,
New Zealand Ceramic Artist and Sculptor

Dirty Fingers Pottery
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